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1 Francis Edwards, The Enigma of Gunpoweder Plot, 1605 (2008:365).

2 It is clear that whoever the original plotters were, the conspiracy was run on what is now called a "need to know" basis. Different members of the conspiracy had different understandings of who was involved and just what they themselves were involved in. Many of the peripheral actors may well have thought that they (and perhaps the amassed gunpowder) were being mobilized for the English regiment in Flanders and not for a domestic uprising.

3 It seems Catesby encouraged others to join him with the lie that the King, Cecil, and others were dead (Edwards 2008:156). This certainly supports the interpretation that he was acting as an agent provocateur.

4 Circumstances suggest that far from being surprised, Monteagle was expecting the delivery of the letter.

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